A number of food franchises around Houston were robbed in the early morning hours

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HOUSTON, TX - A number of food franchises around Houston were busy in the early morning hours. No, not for breakfast deals... but for breaking and entering.

Just shortly before 2am, HPD responded to an alarm at the McDonald's on Crosstimbers at Fulton. Officers saw two men climbing out of the Mickey D's drive-thru window. A foot chase ensued, but the Hamburglars eventually got away. According to police, the thieves used a heavy-duty saw to cut into a safe, grab an unknown amount of cash and dashed.

A little later, around 3:15am,  a Subway restaurant on the southeast side of town, was targeted by an unknown number of suspects. The front glass door was smashed, then the register and safe were ransacked. It's not known how much these creeps got away with either.

But probably the scariest robbery of the night, occurred around 4am at the IHOP on Tomball Parkway and Spring-Cypress. Three men with guns and wearing clown masks busted through a back door and held employees and customers at gunpoint. Sounds like a big budget movie, but the take was pitiful. The jokers only took one hundred dollars.

The good news, no one was hurt at any of these crime scenes. Police aren't linking these robberies together, but are asking the public to call Crimestoppers for any information on these bad guys.

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