Bama body cam released; three officers on leave from Tuscaloosa Police Department

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TUSCALOOSA, AL - The Tuscaloosa Police Department released video today taken with a body cam around 3 a.m. on November 8, after the University of Alabama beat LSU. The officer was responding to a loud noise complaint at an apartment complex. The officer is heard asking an Alabama student to step outside saying, "Come here. Let me explain something to you, buddy, okay?" To which the students simply refuses. "No sir. I will not come out."

Video captured by witnesses has gone viral. It shows officers storming into the apartment and officers using batons and tasers. One male student is tased while laying on the ground with his hands up asking police to stop.

Images like these are just one reason three officers are now on leave from the department while the internal investigation continues.

"I was deeply disturbed by it and disappointed in the way our officers responded," said Tuscaloosa Police Chief  Steve Anderson.

Three students were arrested for obstruction. One of the students also faces harassment charges. But the police chief believes, while the students may have been wrong, the officers didn't handle things right.

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