Campbell’s puts ‘homophobe’ in her place

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HOUSTON -- A couple of months ago Campbell's released a line of Star Wars inspired soups. They decided to take a different approach when advertising the limited edition cans in their "Real Real Life" commercial.

No your eyes aren't deceiving you,  Campbell's cast two dads. That's the entire purpose of its #RealRealLife campaign.
This may be a shocker, in real real life, two dads can be a family, they can be fathers and eat soup.

Well apparently that was difficult for Jess Hicks to "digest". She posted this on Campbell's Facebook: "I'm so sick of this homosexual agenda. You sell soup, not but sex! Please take your ad down or you will not have a company anymore!"

Well Campbell's soup didn't take the ad down. Instead they served up this response:

"Hello Jess Hicks! It seems you somehow mistook two men feeding their child soup as a pornographic film depicting anal stimulation?

My word Jessica. That is quite the leap. While we at Campbell's take pride on being empathetic -- we are finding it hard to empathize with your vantage point.

Would you just prefer we send you some of our classic tomato soup? It's real soup-er!"

BURN! That burns more than spilling hot soup on yourself.

But that's actually a fake "Campbells for help" page created to respond to trolls or should we say "Hicks".

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