Police foil terror attack in Saint-Denis; ISIS posts photo of Russian jet bomb in a Schweppe’s can

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SAINT-DENIS, FRANCE – Here’s the latest on the war against ISIS. Police raided an apartment in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis overnight. They were looking for Abdel Hamid Abaaoud, the suspected brains behind Friday’s attacks in Paris.

Police arrested seven terrorists after a shootout that killed two others. A third, a woman, blew herself up. Reports say she was Abaaoud’s cousin. Police don’t know if Abaaoud was with the terror cell.

Government officials say police stormed the apartment after receiving intelligence that the terrorists were about to launch another attack. Police explosives caused an entire floor of the building to collapse.

We should mention here that French police are mourning the death of their K9 comrade, Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian Shephard, killed in this morning’s raid. He was the first in the building and died when the woman detonated her bomb.

Yesterday, Russia’s Vladimir Putin put out a $50-million bounty, dead or alive, for the terrorists responsible for last month’s Metrojet bombing.

ISIS may want a piece of the reward after providing details in the latest issue of its terror magazine Dabiq. ISIS claims they loaded an explosive material in a can of Schweppe’s Pineapple Gold equipped with a detonator.

The bomb is believed to have been in the jet’s cabin, possibly the galley, and not with checked baggage.

The magazine claims the bombing of the Russian jet that killed all 224 aboard was in retaliation for Russia’s attacks in Syria; however, the first plan was to take down a plane belonging to the U.S.-led bombing coalition.

With that in mind, tense times in Salt Lake City where a bomb threat diverted an Air France flight from Los Angeles to France, causing all 497 passengers and crew to evacuate the plane.

We’ll bet your next paycheck that no one complained when nothing was found.

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