Record artwork sale charged to credit card

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NEW YORK, NY - Hey art lovers! Hold on to your auction paddles! The latest sale is off the canvas charts!

The scene is Christie`s Auction House in New York and the masterpiece is by Italian Amedeo Modigliani. It`s called Nu Couche (Reclining Nude).

According to Jussi Pylkkanen, Christie`s Global President, "All those people that really understand 20th century painting, universally felt that this was the artist`s greatest work."

It has just fetched the second highest price ever for a work of art at an auction. A cool 170.4 million dollars, including the commission for the auction house.

Now, some people say, "cash is king." But the Chinese couple who created The Long Museum in Shanghai, never leave home without their American Express. Seems they like earning travel points so they can hit all the big art auctions.

So, after outbidding four competitors, they simply pulled out the plastic. With the points for this purchase, the whole family will fly free for a year.

Who wouldn't get a charge outta that?


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