State attorney wrestled to ground by bailiff during courtroom scuffle

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – Courtroom dramas are not just for movies about courtroom dramas.

Sometimes real-life imitates art, as seen in a video from San Luis Obispo, California showing state attorney Jennie Mariah Kelly talking with a defense attorney during a break in a trial.

The bailiff apparently thought she was speaking too loudly, acting unprofessionally, and needed a lesson in courtroom etiquette.

Kelly’s attorney, Kara Stein-Conaway, says Kelly wasn’t doing anything wrong. “She was forced to the ground, she had her head pressed up against a metal rail, after doing absolutely nothing wrong. Jenny Kelly is a supervising deputy attorney general, she's a veteran.”

The judge and jury had left the courtroom before the take-down. Conaway says Kelly and the defense attorney were in a spirited discussion at the time.

The sheriff’s department says Kelly refused to lower her voice and wouldn’t leave the courtroom when asked.

“It was Deputy Brooks that did everything wrong. He had absolutely no justification to react to her in the way that he did,” said Stein-Conaway.

The California Department of Justice is looking into the situation, but we’d pay good money to be around the next time the sheriff’s department needs some help from the state attorney’s office.

This take down could result in “take a number, sucker.”

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