Autopsy: K-9 bite led to FL inmate’s death; ruled a homicide

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ORLANDO, FL - A mom is barking pretty loudly after her son's death from a police dog bite, was ruled a homicide; and blames it on a jail nurse.

Max Gracia, 22, was an inmate at the Orange County Jail, where he died from an infection.

His mother Willine Gracia, says a nurse failed to treat his K-9 bite wounds after he was arrested this past August.  Reportedly, Orlando Police let the dogs out to catch Gracia when he ran from cops for allegedly robbing a gas station.

Max died in the jail four days later.  His aunt, Pauline Robinson says she's a nurse who has worked inside the very same jail.

The nurse at the jail has resigned and others are under the microscope, but max's family thinks that's not enough.

"Whoever killed my child they must pay the price," said Max's mother.

Robinson says, "She needs to go to jail and lose her nursing license, because not everyone is called to be a nurse."