British survey says some men experience PMS like symptoms

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HOUSTON, TX - Move over ladies, men are having their own time! According to a British survey, a quarter of male Brits claim to experience side effects similar to a woman's menstrual cycle. Can there be something to this, or is it all just crazy talk... period!

Over two thousand people revealed that 26 percent of British blokes felt monthly tiredness, cramping, and increased sensitivity, all conditions associated with PMS. Talk about being a hormonal homeboy! And what could be causing these man periods? According to scientists, testosterone fluctuations in men can cause them to experience hormonal shifts just like women do. So, what do you do if your man is experiencing his mensies? Seems like "food" is a good way for men to forget their pain. So guys, curl up, have a good cry, eat some red meat and rejoice in the fact that you'll always have it better than the women