Father calls in bomb threat in attempt to witness birth

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RICHFIELD, UT - He is a father who probably will not be winning the World's #1 Dad award. In fact, he might deserve an honorable mention as the most selfish man on the planet.

Michael Morlang has been indicted on federal terrorism charges. Investigators say he called in a bomb threat to a Utah hospital in order to delay his wife's labor.

It wasn't hard for police to figure out. Morlang had called the hospital earlier that day, asking that his wife's scheduled Cesarian section be postponed until he could get there from Idaho. When that didn't work, investigators say he called back, making threats about a bomb.

The threat forced officials to evacuate patients, and anyone needing an emergency room had to travel 30 miles. The hospital had one patient who was already under anesthesia who had to be woken up and sent home. The ordeal cost the hospital about 100-thousand dollars.

Now, police say the bone-head decision could cost Morlang 10 years in jail. Police say calls like this aren't actually hard to trace but just take a little time.

Congratulations to this new father, but it sounds like he has some growing up of his own to do.