Friend of Texas mass murder suspect speaks

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ANDERSON COUNTY, TX - Prosecutors say 33-year-old William Hudson killed six people, including a six-year-old boy, near the small town of Tennessee Colony. Police found two bodies in a travel trailer on a private campsite. About a half a mile away, four more bodies were pulled from a pond. Investigators believe Hudson attacked the group after helping them get their car out of the mud and pretending to be friendly.

One of the accused killer's childhood friends, Tim Lee, is in disbelief. Lee says, "It still doesn't really seem real." Lee says he ran into Hudson before everything happened, and Hudson seemed out of sorts. Lee says "I said hi, I said 'hey man,' and he just looked zoned out."

Other Texans in the small community are shocked by the crime too. Jessica Boyd, who works in Palestine, says, "You hear about this in Houston, you hear about this in Dallas all the time you know, people just washing up in the river, no one knows who they are, but here it doesn't happen."