Real Mexican food in Montrose

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MONTROSE -  Did you know there’s a little piece of Mexico in Montrose?

If you’re looking for some real Mexican food, not Tex-Mex, but authentic cuisine like they make in Mexico City, head for Cuchara Mexican Restaurant. “We are a Mexico City bistro, authentic food, 100% authentic Mexican food,” says Ana Beaven, Cuchara's Co-Owner.

CucharaThe food isn’t the only thing straight out of Mexico - the décor is too. Murals are a big tradition in Mexico and these were created by Beaven’s sister Cecilia, adding a wonderful family touch to the eatery. “We don’t have any hanging paintings or anything other than our murals. It is the main focus of our restaurant” says Beaven.

While the murals are popular, it’s the traditional food that keeps people coming back. The comments from customers range from, “It reminds me of the food back in my hometown” to “I like the Mexico City style of food and this was really good” to “Because I like to get surprised. They surprise me every time I come with a different food.”


Black Mole

And chew on this- the surprise she’s referring to is Cuchara’s lunch menu. “Our lunch menu is called Comida Corrida, which is a typical way of eating when you’re in a hurry in Mexico but you still want to eat healthy. So you have three choices to start, three choices for an entrée, a dessert and a bottle of aqua Fresca,” explains Beaven.

Cuchara’s two signature dishes are Black Mole and Tasajo Huarache.

Beaven describes both, “Black mole has over 30 ingredients so you have a lot of layers of different flavors. Huarache is a corn cake and Tasajo is a salty very thin beef fillet from Oaxaco.”


Tasajo Huarache

“The flavor of the food is really good,” says one regular patron.

"The food that they have in this restaurant is pretty similar to what my mom cooked on a daily basis back home,” a diner named Martha told us.

So for a taste of real Mexico, head to Montrose.