TX Board of Education rejects new expert panel fact-checking much maligned textbooks

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AUSTIN, TX-- There's been a lot of talk recently about all the mistakes in Texas school textbooks. Things like the Civil War being fought over tariffs rather than slavery, Moses inspiring the Declaration of Independence, and maybe worst off all-- the slave trade being about African "workers" brought to America.

"There is no mention of Africans working as slaves or being slaves," Pearland mom and U of H grad student Roni Dean-Burren said of her son's geography book. "It just says we were workers." Dean-Burren blew up social media about this, hoping to get some sort of change.

But the Texas State Board of Education basically said this week they're good with the way things are. They voted 8-7 against creating a new panel of university professors to review textbooks for mistakes.

"I think they're full of poo," Dean-Burren said in a post on Facebook, "I don't understand what it would hurt to have another level of checks and balances when it comes to books that show up in front of our students and in front of our kids." She says she may consider running for the State Board to try to set these votes the right way.

Right now, panels of citizens are doing the textbook reviews. And State Board opponents to the university fact checkers say the current panels can include educators and professors (though no education background is required).

They say adding an additional group might insult the citizens currently doing the reviews. But when it comes to the education of our kids, better hurt feelings than a generation of misinformed idiots.