Washington D.C. twerking victim speaks about ordeal

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -  It may very well be known as, "The twerk seen 'round the world!"

Thanks to social media, surveillance video of the middle school teacher who was twerked on at a Washington D.C. gas station has been seen by well more than a million people. Washington Tharpe says, "It looks like I just had some girls twerking on me and I just called the police.  That is not what happened at all."

It was nearly 4 pm on October 7 when two women were very inappropriate toward the 40-year-old as he tried to pay for gas. He kept saying, "Stop."

"(The woman in red) grabbed my private part in the front and then private part in the back," Tharpe says.

Police say all of the grabbing, touching and twerking was sexual abuse, and it was apparently just the beginning. Tharpe is speaking publicly for the first time in order to set the record straight.  As Paul Harvey would say...."Now....the rest of the story."

"When I went outside, the girls followed me. The one in the red dress hurry up and jumped in front of me, grabbed the car door, would not allow me to get into the car.  She goes, take us with you.  I go, no, I'm not taking you anywhere."

Tharpe says one tried to grab his arm. The victim is 6' 2" and weighs 230 pounds. He said he tried to throw her off. "When she caught her phone and got right back up, I'm thinking , "She's gotta be a man."

The women backed off long enough for him to drive into the car wash, but he still felt threatened.  "When I turned on the car wash, the girls came inside the other way from the exit after me, and I'm thinking, oh shoot...they're about to kill me. That's when I called 911."

The women have been charged with sexual assault. Tharpe says the ordeal lasted for 10 minutes and he still has no idea why he became the target of such unwanted attention.