One wrong move and victim becomes house crasher

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HOUSTON - Ever felt your life was a big, tenuous Jenga game, wherein you make one wrong move and it`s all over? It must have felt that way for one man in southeast Houston whose game was way off.

He walked into a Corner Store on Tiffany at Fuqua at the wrong time. A disturbance was in progress and he took a bullet, shot once in the upper chest.

Seemingly unphased, he climbed into his pickup truck to drive home and tend his wound. He almost made it.

Maybe blood loss or shock, no one knows, but the shooting victim/driver passed out behind the wheel once he made it roughly five blocks onto his own street. Then the truck was on its own, slowing only when it hit a neighbor's home, grinding to a halt in a bedroom.

Other neighbors were left to piece together the puzzle.

"I ran outside, noticed the truck in my neighbor`s house and then I noticed it was my other neighbors truck that was in the house," said neighbor Jeanette Charles.

No one in the home was injured. The driver is in serious, but stable condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.  As for police, their next move is finding the convenience store shooter.