47 million Americans to travel this Thanksgiving

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HOUSTON, Tx. - If you choose to brave the open road or take to the skies this Thanksgiving, you certainly won’t be alone. AAA says 47 million Americans are traveling this holiday, that’s the most since 2007.

Gas is the cheapest it`s been since 2008, prompting many to pack up the car.  The travel aficionados also claim airline tickets are 10% lower than last year.

It’s only going to get busier. Airlines expect 65,000 more passengers a day this year over last. That’s some serious flight miles.

If planning to fly, make a little extra time for security checks. T.S.A. staffing has dropped due to shrinking budgets, and with the global climate, they`re checking more.

But hey, after you`ve finished with all the stress of travel, you get to relax with stress free family time right?