Amazon Studios makes prime promotion mistake

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NEW YORK, NY - Seems like there's no such thing as bad publicity....even if the publicity is offensive.  Amazon Studios is removing ads from New York subways for its new streaming drama because the ads have Nazi and imperial Japan symbols.  They're part of a campaign to promote "The Man in the High Castle" which imagines a future America if we had lost World War II.

The alternate reality in which Germany and Japan won the war is based on a novel.....but subway riders are throwing the book at the studio's promotional tools.  Like, the US flag that incorporates the Nazi eagle, and seat wraps with Japan's rising sun.  None of these sit well with commuters, or New York State Rep, Jeffrey Dinowitz. "An elderly person who might have been a Holocaust survivor, for example, just to see that is really shocking and that's not the way to get people to watch your TV show."

With the ads blanketing the shuttle between Grand Central Station and Times Square, it seems Amazon Studio is on the wrong track!