Arkansas authorities kill dogs who ate woman who died in her home

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VAN BUREN COUNTY, AR – In a world where family pets turn into crazed killers, like Old Yeller after he got rabies, or a Saint Bernard after a rabies-infected bat bites him (“Nice Cujo. Go Find Old Yeller. That’s a good boy.”), comes a doggy tale out of the Van Buren County, Arkansas woods that will change forever the way you think of puppy chow.

That’s where some of 46 pet dogs partially ate the woman who died inside her home.

"When the deputies arrived on the scene to get in to her the dogs were vicious,” explained Sheriff Scott Bradley. “You couldn't even get into the trailer to check on her to see what needed to be done."

Deputies and animal control officer Reta Tharp ended up shooting and killing nine of the dogs to get to the 65-year-old woman who died from Hepatitis C.

"It was a situation where you had to do what you have to do,” said Tharp. “They had to get to the woman."

Tharp and a vet tried for weeks to save the dogs or euthanize them.  But they ended up shooting another 27 after one of dogs bit the vet. Thirty-six dead dogs in total.

"It was the only resource we had,” Tharp said. “We had tried everything else and it just failed."

The big concern was that some of the dogs were infected with Hep-C after they turned their owner into a grizzly form of puppy chow in this unfortunate Arkansas dog tale.