Deputies: Breakup leads to murder-suicide in Katy

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KATY - It was a terrifying night for the people on Moss Garden Lane in Katy. A man killed himself after shooting his ex-girlfriend in the back and killing her new boyfriend. It all started around 9pm Monday.

Neighbors Michael and Rebecca Hall say they were just sitting down for dinner when they heard screaming and gunshots.

"I went out the back door and heard a woman basically begging for her life," said Michael Hall, "So I went and jumped up on the fence and started screaming at the guy, 'get off of her! get away from her!'"

Hall says he went back inside to call 911, and when his wife went outside, the suspect, identified as 28-year-old Wilson Ferrer, turned the gun on her.

"She stepped out to scream at the guy some more and that's when the shooter took a shot at my wife," said Hall.

"It's traumatizing, " said Rebecca Hall, "You're just helpless. It was like being a caged animal."

Hall says he was talking to deputies when more gunfire erupted.

"We're thinking the cops just took out the shooter, well I think that was him shooting her."

Deputies found 40-year-old Xylia Castillo in the front yard.

"One of our deputies basically picked her up and carried her over his shoulder, and removed her from danger," said Major James Hines of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

She was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Deputies say they saw a man with a gun in the street, but he ran off towards the backyard. That's where they found the new boyfriend, 38-year-old Joshua Long, dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

While a SWAT team searched for Ferrer, they learned that there were three children at home. They're ok, but obviously very shaken up. The SWAT team eventually cornered Ferrer in the garage, where he apparently shot and killed himself.

Deputies say Ferrer was fueled by jealousy, and that he had "laid in wait" for Castillo after she broke up with him a few weeks ago.