Family of Robert Durst’s first wife wants $100M in connection with her disappearance

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MINEOLA, NY – Robert Durst is back in the news. The New York real estate heir and neighbor from hell may have a new title: the $100-Million Dollar Man.

That’s what the family of his first wife wants from him. It's his entire net worth.

Kathleen Durst disappeared in 1982. Her body was never found, so the family had her declared dead six years later.

Durst issued what some consider a confession during the making of the HBO documentary on his life.

The family's lawsuit claims Durst abused Kathleen and covered up her murder.

Durst is in a Louisiana mental health facility after cops arrested him last March in New Orleans on weapons charges in connection with the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman in her Los Angeles house.

It’s reported she may have had information about Durth’s involvement in his wife’s disappearance.

Durst is scheduled to be in a federal court in New Orleans on Dec. 17 on those weapons charges. He pleaded not guilty, but legal analysts say, this month’s court date may mean he's ready to change his plea, although his attorney won't confirm it.

Meantime, Vermont investigators say there may be a connection between Durst and the disappearance of Lynne Schulze, a college student who disappeared from Middlebury College in 1971. Durst and Kathleen lived in Middlebury at the time.

Durst is best known in Texas for beating a 2003 Galveston murder case after he said he killed his neighbor in self-defense, cut up the body, and tossed it into Galveston Bay.

Houston cops say back in July of 2014 Durst went to a CVS pharmacy where he paid for a prescription, exposed himself, then relieved himself on the cash register before walking out.

Guess he was trying to prove that he’s a true Urine Nation citizen.