Ghost ships filled with bodies found along Japanese coast

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FUKUI PREFECTURE, JAPAN – There is a place where the dead rise from the salty sea, where the souls of lost sailors haunt the briny deep, where ancient mariners tell their tales of mates who have gone to their watery graves and ended up inside Davy Jones’s locker.

And then there’s Japan, home to Godzilla, Mothra, and all kinds of giant creepy creatures.

Now, ghost ships have turned up off the Japanese coast, boats filled with human remains. Japan’s Coast Guard says it found the bodies of 20 people during the past two months.

All the bodies were badly decomposed. Two were headless.

They also discovered at least eight wooden ships on the water.

One boat had six skulls aboard.

Authorities say one of the boats containing ten bodies had writing that read “Korean People’s Army.” That would make it North Korea.

And now, authorities are trying to figure out how it ended up near Japan.

Speculation centers on people trying to get out of Li’l Kim Jong-un’s state of horrors, oppressed souls who decided the possibility of death at sea was better than a life of pain and suffering.