Hoverboards so hot for holidays, they’re going up in flames

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It's just nuts the things people can do on those hoverboards! The battery-powered skateboard allows riders to move with little effort while steering with their feet. The techie-toy is one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. So hot, in fact, they're literally on fire!

A Louisiana mother claims one of her son's hoverboards exploded!  The mom says the fire started while her son was charging the battery, using the charger that came with the hoverboard. The fire burned a good portion of the family's home.

In Alabama, a man says his hoverboard exploded under his feet just three days after he bought it! He claims he stepped off while parts of it started flying across his yard. Soon after, he says the hoverboard went up in flames. Now, he's trying to get a refund from the seller he bought it from on Amazon. So, before you run out to get your hands on a shiny new "hover", these are definitely some things to keep in mind.