What is the drunkest city in America?

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ATLANTA, GA - Tis' the season, to drink! And while many Americans enjoy this kind of merriment in moderation, data compiled by the CDC shows us which US cities consume the most alcohol yearly. Lost productivity and added health care coverage connected to binge drinking apparently cost our nation $250 billion in 2010. Now that's some very big bucks, all attributed to booze.

The CDC says binge drinking is at least five drinks during one single setting for men, four drinks for woman. Heavy drinking is about 15 drinks or more a week for men, eight or more for woman. So, which American city is the most alcoholic? That distinction goes to Dubuque, Iowa, with close to 31% of adults admitting to drinking excessively . The driest metropolis, on the other hand, is Salt Lake City, where only just under 13% say they have a drinking problem. Guess Mormons equals less booze.

When it comes to the Lone Star State, Corpus Christi is the most tipsy city in Texas with about 27% of adults boozing it up.

The CDC hopes this study helps shed light on the growing problem of excessive drinking in America. So, enjoy the holidays responsibly and stay healthy. We'll drink (in moderation) to that!