Critter News: A travel monkey, a little ass, and a flying deer

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CHARLOTTE, NC – NewsFix continues to put forth no effort to bring you the latest happenings in the world of critter news.

Dateline: Charlotte, NC, where a little critter has gone viral.

He’s on social media as #travelmonkey, also known as Carter, the Rhesus macaque who busted out of his cage in the Carolinas Medical Center University parking lot.

He was on the run until the monkey police collared him.

Now he’s on his way to San Antonio’s Primarily Primates, a sanctuary for primarily primates, where he’ll have his personal green-space enclosure that comes with a private, heated bedroom for private monkey business.

Dateline: Norman, OK, where a police officer had a real ass in the backseat of his cruiser.

Squishy is a miniature donkey who was wandering down a busy road one day when Robin Strader spotted him.

Ofc. Kyle Canaan told her she could keep the donkey if she could get it home. But it wouldn’t fit in her car. So he ended up stuffing it in the back of his cruiser. "It was a perfect fit. I was able to shut both doors. I rolled the window down for it."

Dateline: Visalia, KY, where it was raining deer, or seemed to be.

A Kentucky officer was minding his own business when a deer hit the windshield of his cruiser, bounced off, then ran away, apparently unharmed.

Maybe the flying deer was trying out for a gig with Santa.

What? You don’t believe in flying deer?

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