Bye, bye cry baby

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SANTA MONICA, CA - All parents are familiar with the loud shriek of a baby crying. Whether from colic, hunger or getting a vaccination, the crying causes great angst for parents and they just want to make it stop.

Good news!  Twerking is not just for inappropriate rock stars any more! Seems the booty shaking is also a technique that helps stop babies from crying.

Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica has been using a technique he calls "The Hold" for 30 years. He says the four steps involved are simple. First, fold the infants arms across his or her chest. Then secure the arms very gently with one hand. Next, grasp the diaper area. Finally, rock the baby gently at a 45 degree angle.  Hamilton says it works best on babies up to three months old.

Then there is the toddler stage where crying morphs into full-blown tantrums, also caused by any number of reasons.

When Samantha Comte's son Roman was having a fit because of teething pain, she realized only one thing could come to his rescue: a superstar singer whose latest album is smashing records in, well, record time.

Yep! Adele!  We're used to the soulful singer of songs about heartbreak causing tears from her audience, but not this time. Within moments of holding Mom's smart phone and watching the video for "Hello," Roman immediately stopped crying.

Maybe music really does soothe the savage beast.....and the baby!

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