Glittery hair tie causes major infection on woman’s wrist

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LOUISVILLE, KY -- A woman from Kentucky was infected by three different kinds of bacteria and narrowly avoided blood poisoning from a glittery hair tie on her wrist!

Now Audree Kopp is trying to get the word out. She says initial antibiotics for the bump on her wrist and her doctor’s assurances that it was “no big deal” didn’t cut it. What ultimately happened on her arm is too nasty to show you, but suffice it to say she ended up going to the ER and being rushed under the knife.

“They said that I needed surgery and thank God I found it in time or it could have been a whole different ballgame. Once it gets into your bloodstream people are known to go into a comma, your body shuts down… so it could have been way worse,” said Kopp.

So what's our takeaway here?

Kopp says she learned only to use hair ties that can easily be cleaned, and if you've got one on your wrist, wash it when you wash your hands. Otherwise you may up with a different kind of bind.

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