Harris County apartment fire has people leaping for their lives from the flames

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CY-FAIR, TX - Ten people were hurt early Wednesday morning, during a 3-alarm blaze that burned down a three-story apartment building in a northwest Harris County complex. The injuries, not a result from the flames themselves, but from falls. According to Ahmed Ali, a resident who lost everything he owned to the blaze, "I see two people jumping from the apartment. I think they broke their legs, and a girl also broke her legs. And maybe two more people started jumping from the other side. At first they throw the mattress, and they jump on the mattress."

Eight were taken to a nearby hospital. Two were treated on scene. None of the injuries were life-threatening and no firefighters were hurt, but those affected by the fire were shocked by the scene. Ali adds, "One women throw her baby, almost 13-month baby, and somebody catch on the road. The situation is very, very, extremely bad."

Cy-Fair fire officials say 24 units in the Villages of Copperfield were destroyed in the inferno. Officials are calling the blaze an accidental fire, citing a resident who fell asleep while he was smoking. Residents are amazed at how quickly the situation escalated. The Red Cross was on scene to help those who lost everything in the blaze. Belongings can be replaced, but all are thankful that nobody was seriously hurt during this scary, fast-moving fire.

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