HPD releases surveillance video in Jordan Baker shooting

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HOUSTON - Does surveillance video tell a different story about the night a Houston police officer shot and killed 26-year-old Jordan Baker? We'll find out soon.

On the same day Janet Baker filed a lawsuit against HPD for refusing to release what she believes to be crucial evidence, Mayor Annise Parker's office announced they will release the video.

The family, along with their attorney David Owens, got their first look at the video Wednesday afternoon.

"The video does not show the actual shooting, but it shows the moments leading up to it," said Owens, "But it does show that he was fleeing, running for his life, and unfortunately he didn't make it."

Back in January 2014, officer Juventino Castro, who was working an extra security job, claimed he shot Jordan Baker because he put his hand 'near his waistband' during a chase. A grand jury no-billed Castro.

The Houston case sounds eerily familiar to the one in Chicago involving unarmed teen Laquan McDonald, shot 16 times by a police officer, who now faces first-degree murder charges.  The chilling dash cam video was only released after freelance journalist Brandon Smith filed a lawsuit, forcing the city of Chicago to make it public.

"I'm happy that we finally filed the lawsuit," said Janet Baker, Jordan's mother, "It's part of the process in seeking justice for Jordan."

As long as there's video to watch, there's potentially more truth to be uncovered, and in Houston, the family of Jordan Baker hopes it will be uncovered soon.

HPD Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr. released this statement in regards to the video:

“After consulting with the City Attorney and the Mayor, and in the interest of public trust and transparency, we have agreed to release the surveillance videos obtained in the Jordan Baker investigation.

These surveillance videos were obtained from private entities. During the course of the investigation, no video evidence was discovered or recovered that captured the shooting incident.”



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