ISIS video said to show accused Russian spy beheaded by Russian terror recruit in Syria

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RAQQA, SYRIA – ISIS is sending a warning to Russia, and it’s in the form of another beheading.

ISIS released a video showing the beheading of a man they say was a spy with the Chechen Federal Security Service. The man with the knife is said to be a Russian who joined the terror group in Syria.

The video comes as Russia steps up its air strikes on ISIS-controlled oil facilities in Syria.

And now the latest on the hunt for ISIS terrorists.

After French police killed Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the man behind last month’s Paris attacks, may have thwarted other attacks in the terror pipeline.

Investigators say the members of the ISIS terror cell connected to Abaaoud were ready to strike France’s transportation infrastructure, schools, and Jewish areas after the Nov. 13 attacks.

It looks like the FBI had a hand in breaking up a plot to assassinate Pope Francis. Raids in Italy and Kosovo netted four suspected Islamic terrorists.

Investigators say the suspects communicated through social networks, posting online that Francis would be the last pope.

The arrests come two weeks after ISIS posted a video saying it would invade Rome if Allah permitted.

In this country, support for ISIS is on the rise, with authorities making more terrorism-related arrests this year than in any year since 9-11.

That comes from a report from George Washington University that says support for ISIS in America has reached unprecedented levels, with several thousand people in the u-s sympathizing with the terror group.

The report says the average recruit is a 26-year-old male, and that Twitter is their main source for recruitment.

Terrorists using social media for their anti-social activity.

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