One last good deed; man dies 24 hours after paying it forward

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OCEANSIDE, CA - When 28-year-old Matthew Jackson stood in line at a Trader Joe`s a couple weeks ago, he probably had no idea just how much of an affect he would have on a total stranger.

The stranger was Jamie Lynne Knighten and she was having a very bad day. Matthew was in line behind her.  Seems Jamie was exhausted from a road trip to Canada and was trying to buy groceries with her five-month-old son when her credit card was declined.  That`s when Matthew, an LA Fitness employee, offered to pay her bill.  Jamie was shocked and she refused. Matthew would not take "no" for an answer. But........he had one condition:

"He said, let me take care of your groceries as long as you promise to pay for somebody else.  He said, you promise me? I promise you. I promise you. I will do it for somebody else."

Matthew basically told Jamie to just pay it forward and she vowed to do just that. She began by calling Matthew`s manager a week later, just to let her know what a good Samaritan they had working there.  Imagine her devastation to find out, Matthew was killed in a car accident less than 24 hours after the two met.  "He hit a palm tree head-on."

Jamie shared her story on Facebook and the response was amazing. So, she began a community page called "Matthew`s Legacy," urging others to share their stories. So far, it has 10-thousand followers.

With that one good deed at a grocery store, Matthew`s story began.   Jamie is making sure that's not where his story ends.

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