It’s no secret there’s no service at the Secret Service, says House report

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WASHINGTON, DC – Sitting on the political fence may not be such a bad thing in Washington.

Jumping the fence at the White House is never a good idea, but it’s become more of a regular occurrence than some people would like. And some of those people sit on the House Oversight and Budgetary Reform Committee.

A committee report just released says the Secret Service, the folks who protect the president, is an agency in crisis.

And, ironically, it blames Congressional oversight and budget cuts.

The report noted a 2011 incident when someone fired several shots at the White House; agents drinking and partying with prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia in 2012; the time last year when an armed contract security guard with a violent arrest history rode in an elevator with President Obama; and those two drunk senior officials who interfered with a bomb threat outside the White House back in March.

In all, the report says the Secret Service has had 143 security breaches in the last ten years. That’s more than one a month.

The committee says the Secret Service needs more money, more people, and a narrower mission.

No Colombian prostitutes should probably be on the list, too.

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