Jordan Baker supporters speak out after Houston police release video

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HOUSTON - It's been nearly two years since the shooting death of Jordan Baker, an unarmed man killed by an off-duty Houston police officer.

It took until Wednesday night for Houston Police Department to release the video from that night in January of 2014.  Now, Baker supporters are speaking out.

"The resolution was distorted, so we really haven't really seen a higher resolution to get a clear understanding of what's on the tape," says Jordan's mother, Janet Baker.

Baker's family attorney, David Owens says, "At the end of the day, you see Jordan Baker running away from officer Castro, without a shirt on, running for his life."

The video doesn't show the actual shooting, but may support a theory many had all along.

"It appears in the portion of the video that we saw that he was indeed racially profiled and that he should have never been bothered in the first place," says Houston community activist Deric Muhammad.

Attorney Owens further says, "The lawsuit is about why there was even a confrontation in the first place.  We've alleged that Jordan Baker was profiled due to his race, being a black guy with a hooded sweatshirt on, and the stop was unlawful."

Though the video was promptly released after a civil rights lawsuit was filed against HPD, Muhammad questions the video's validity.

"It is questionable as to whether or not the video that was released was the actual video that depicted what really happened.  We don't know if the video was edited.  We don't know if the video was tampered with," Muhammad says.

Houston police say they've released all the video in their possession.

Baker's mom says "At this point, I tried everything to understand what happened, and I didn't truly get clear answers on understanding."

The video may not answer all their questions, but Baker's family says it's a huge step forward.

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