Police arrest five fifth graders who were planning to bomb a school

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CLIFTON, NJ - In the small cozy town of Clifton, New Jersey some big news is shaking up locals. Five fifth graders were arrested for allegedly planning to set off explosives during a field trip to Clifton High School, and this was no school prank!

Officials say teachers found a written plan about the attack that included details on how the bomb plot would blow up. Clifton police say the students even built a device that thankfully didn't have any explosive properties inside. The "bomb" may have even contained cinnamon and vinegar.

Whatever happened to the days of plotting your lunch swaps! Authorities say the 10 and 11-year-old kids likely got the idea from somewhere else and have been released to their parents, but won't be back at school anytime soon.

It looks like the only thing that blew up... was their plan.

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