Simon Says: How to warm up to climate change

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What’s one of the hottest topics lately? How hot the world is getting.

Global warming.  World leaders were talking it up in Paris while the Pope says humanity is on the "edge of suicide." We don’t have Superman to help, so it looks like we’re going to have to figure this out.

But you know what bothers me as  much as pictures of ice caps melting? People who are frigid on issues. You know what it is? It's a snowball.

That’s a senator from Oklahoma using a snowball as an example -- man-made climate change is a myth.

You might think there’s a snowball's chance in hell that a lot of people feel like he does. Well, get Satan a sled!  A recent survey says about 23% of us don’t believe the polar bear is running out of leg room.

Climate change has become a partisan issue. But don’t you feel it’s also a stubborn issue? One of those things that, no matter the facts, there will always be someone who can’t say, "I was wrong."


Don’t you feel a guy with a snowball in the senate is just as stubborn as people who think Obama’s not American and Bush was behind 9-11?

Facts are facts. And being stubborn can blind you.

So, for all you climate deniers out there, go ahead and grab all the snowballs you want. But do me a favor, do what most stubborn people I know do very well -- blame someone else.

Yeah, when it comes to climate change, the Russians and Chinese are nearly as bad as we are, so go ahead and just say it’s their fault.

You’ll have political cover and like the climate, perhaps more people will warm up to you.

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