Jewish center builds menorahs from bullets

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FOLSOM, CA - This time of year, most of the holiday focus goes to Christmas and Chanukah takes a back seat.

But at a Jewish community center in California, Chanukah is in the spotlight thanks to a unique display and an enduring message. At the Chabad Community Center in Folsom, they're using bullet casings to make their own menorahs.

The empty casings were donated from a local gun shop.

Though it might seem a little strange, center leaders say it's actually a powerful metaphor. Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum said it's actually a powerful metaphor, saying, "Every single person has the ability in their own personal life, not necessarily to take weapons and transform them into peaceful items, but to take things in their life that are, perhaps, negative and transform them into situations of light, opportunities to spread light."

The ability of light to overcome darkness is a central theme of Chanukah, and something we could all remember and practice year-round.

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