Video shows Chicago cops using stun gun on man in his cell

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CHICAGO, IL – Another day and another video involving Chicago police officers. This one released Monday night showing cops using a stun gun on Philip Coleman.

It’s one of several videos released by the police department to show what happened in Dec. 2012.

Officers tasered Coleman three times in his cell as they tried to take him to court. The officers say they had to use the stun gun on him because he resisted them.

The video also shows cops dragging his limp body down a hallway.

He ended up in the hospital where he died. The medical examiner says he died from a reaction to a sedative doctors gave him.

An autopsy showed he experienced severe trauma, including more than 50 bruises and scrapes from his head to his feet.

Police arrested Coleman at his home after his mother called them to say he attacked her. His family said he was having a mental breakdown.

The family blames the cops for his death.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement saying the treatment by cops is not acceptable, adding that the investigation is not over, although by now he’s probably wishing all he could put all the investigations behind him.