18-mile Uber trip costs man nearly $500

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TORONTO, CANADA - Uber kind of seems to be the Taylor Swift of the app world: super catchy, but also super polarizing. Talk about the ride-sharing service and you quickly find there are two kinds of people: its fervent supporters and its harsh critics.

The latter is how we would characterize the Canadian cabbie who held on to an Uber driver's car as it passed through downtown Toronto. The caught-on-camera interaction, which happened during a protest against Uber, shows the cabbie hanging on to the side of the car as the Uber driver honked.

Cab drivers who protested the company say it hurts them and customers, such as Michigan's Lenny Tesky.

Tesky loved the app until he hitched an 18-mile ride from the Big 10 Championship game to his hotel.


"I say, 'OK, what`s the charge?' He says, 'I don`t know. We get out of the car he pulls away," said Tesky. "And boop boop. A thing pops up on my phone and says, 'You were just charged $490."

That wasn't a typo; it was Uber's surge pricing at work.

"I am blessed and don`t have to worry about money this time of year, but that could have been a single mom," Tesky said. "That could have taken rent or Christmas presents or food for their kids and that`s not right."

Sounds like it may be time for Uber to take a look at what it's done because, to quote Swift, "now we got bad blood."