Boyhood friend helped San Bernardino terrorist plot attack in 2012

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -- Geneva is on high alert as police look for five suspects in last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

French police believe they’re part of a terror network run by Mourad Fares, also known as Abu al Hassan, the man who recruited Foued Mohamed-Aggad, believed to be the third terrorist at the Bataclan Theater in Paris.

In San Bernardino, federal investigators say Enrique Marquez, the boyhood pal of Syed Farook, claims the two of them plotted an attack in 2012, but didn’t follow through. He’s told investigators they became radicalized in 2011, the same year he bought the first of two assault rifles for Farook who used them to kill 14 co-workers.

Marquez told investigators he didn’t know in advance about the San Bernardino attack by Farook and his Parkistani wife Tashfeen Malik. After the attack, Marquez checked himself into a mental health facility. The feds have not charged him, but they’ve searched his house.

Marquez is a convert to Islam, once attending this mosque in Corona, CA. He was Farook’s next door neighbor and childhood friend. Neighbors say they worked on cars together, and that Marquez kept to himself. Farook’s brother witnessed Marquez’s marriage last year. And, Marquez, his wife, Farook’s brother and his wife all listed the same home address.

The feds say Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik were on their way to jihad before they met. And if so, the big question is how she got a Financee visa to get into the US last year.

A senior state department official says she wasn’t asked any jihadi questions during her application interview at the consulate, and homeland security didn’t have any red flags on her.

The person who interviewed her said she answered enough questions about Farook to prove they had a personal relationship and wasn’t some guy she picked out on a dating web site.

The couple arrived in the US in July of 2014 and were married the next month. Over the next 15 months they had a kid, trained with weapons, built bombs, and then died in a police shootout after committing the nation’s first ISIS-inspired mass murder.