Countdown to mayoral runoff: analysts expect a close race

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HOUSTON, TX - The Bayou City will finally choose the new Houstonian in Chief on Saturday and excitement is running high.

"Yes, obviously I'm excited," said Houston resident Yesenia Chuca.  "It's time for the city to have a new mayor."

Sylvester Turner and Bill King are the runoff candidates.  Two visions, two styles and the same ambition necessary to lead the fourth largest city in America.

"I hope people will come out and exercise the democratic right to vote," declared State Representative Sylvester Turner.  "This is a great city. I love this city and we should keep this city moving in the right direction."

Analysts say the race is going to be down to the wire, and the results will depend on the ability of both runoff mayoral candidates to mobilize their bases.

"We're cautiously optimistic," expressed former Mayor of Kemah Bill King, "but it all boils down to who comes and votes on Saturday."

But one thing is for sure though, this election is not just a personality contest because people care about issues and priorities.

"I think people they want change," explained King. "They don't want four more years of what we've had the last six years.  People don't want their property taxes increased."

"We have to deal with the fundamentals," Turner replied. "We have bad streets we'll get them fixed.  We want the city to be managed financially well.  I'm not raising anybody's property taxes."

In conclusion, Houston is about to give birth to a new mayor and these grown men will have to keep pushing for two more days.