Hacktivist group Anonymous declares Friday “Troll ISIS Day”

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HOUSTON, TX - Anonymous is targeting ISIS with the same fervor they did in their early days going after Scientology.

Anonymous has declared Friday, “Troll ISIS Day' and calls on supporters to join them in taunting, mocking, and belittling the terrorist group online through social media.

ISIS has used social media as a propaganda tool, making the fight for hearts and minds a matter of online warfare.

Anonymous even posted some suggested material. When you post your memes and image macros, they suggest using #DAESH or #DAESHBAGS.

“DAESH” is the derogatory acronym for ISIS in Arabic. It`s super close to the Arabic word “Daes,” which means to crush something under one`s foot. It`s basically a diss every time someone says it.

While Anonymous at large has claimed to have taken down over 20,000 ISIS related twitter accounts, another splinter hacktivist group, “Ghost Sec,” is actively working with U.S. government advisers and has led to the arrests of more than a dozen ISIS terrorists.

Propaganda has been used in wars before. Who knew the same amount of time and effort it takes to post a cat meme, could be redirected to fight ISIS terrorism?