NJ woman pranks cops but final joke is on her

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WAYNE, NJ - At the end of a long day, what's better than a cold beer? One or two is okay for most people, but too much of a good thing can lead to bad decisions, as New Jersey's Hayley Oates learned.

Oates and a friend were downing a few at the Grasshopper Irish Pub when she allegedly called 911 to report a woman being attacked next door. However, there was no attack, which officers found out when they showed up.

Oates is accused of calling in the attack as a diversion so she could avoid getting a DUI. She then posted on social media, writing, "lmao.. 2 mins later the cop peals out..silly piggies tricks r for u."

That comment helped officers track down Oates and charge her with filing a false police report. So let's raise a glass to our Dumbass of the Day in the hopes that she's learned her lesson.