President Obama signs Every Student Succeeds Act, replacing No Child Left Behind

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HOUSTON, TX - President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act on Thursday, pushing through the education reform that replaces No Child Left Behind.

"This bill makes long overdue fixes to the last education law, replacing the one size fits all approach, to reform with a commitment to provide every student with a well-rounded education," President Obama said.

Standardized testing will still take place under ESSA, but state and local officials will have greater authority in determining how to use test scores to evaluate schools and teachers.

Mandi Kimball serves as the Director of Public Policy and Government affairs for advocacy group, Children At Risk. Kimball says this new measure can help under-performing schools in the Houston area.

"This act is going to allow us to really hone in on those under-performing schools to create strategies to turn them around and improve student performance," Kimball said. "Superintendents, school districts, the commissioner can focus on how can we better meet the needs of our student population without the federal restrictions."

Before President Obama signed the bill on Thursday, the Senate showed bi-partisan support on Wednesday, passing the new measure.