FBI investigating mosque fire in Coachella, Ca

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COACHELLA, Ca - If you're a Muslim in America right now, things are probably uncomfortable for you.  In the wake of the terror attack in San Bernardino, California, the Muslim community is literally catching heat.

Someone set a mosque on fire in Coachella, about 80 miles east of San Bernardino.

Apparently the fire was pretty big and could be seen from more than a mile away, as a security guard for the mosque describes it.

"I pull up to the intersection I turn left and there's a huge plume of smoke. A mushroom cloud," said Ray Brewster.

According to witnesses, someone threw an explosive device at the mosque Friday afternoon.  The FBI is investigating and says it was an intentional act.

Everyone inside safely evacuated the building, but not without a change of plans.  Mosque members took their prayer service outdoors.

Abdulla Salaam, a Muslim, said "They had to do it over here in the dirt, not on the rug but  that's what we do.  We do pray, get a little message, a positive message then we go back to work."

Jon Benoit, a Riverside county supervisor said, "If in fact as it appears an potential act against this church for reasons because of their religion I would think that's terrorism, and terrorism is terrorism no matter whether it's like was saw in San Bernardino who reacts, they are both terrorists."

Though nobody was hurt in this mosque fire, acts like these can burn bridges at a time like this.

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