Protests continue as slain victims of San Bernardino shooting laid to rest

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RICHARDSON, Tx - The mass shooting deemed terrorist attack in San Bernardino where a Muslim couple killed 14 people, sent shockwaves throughout the country.

Those who feel that aftershock most, the victims' families, as they bury their loved ones.

From California to Georgia, funerals were held for 60-year-old Isaac Amanois and 45-year-old Shannon Johnson.

"I didn't realize until we got older just how much he is about taking care of those that can take care of themselves," said Rob Johnson, Shannon's brother.

As loved ones are laid to rest, there was unrest against the Muslim community in two other states.  A mosque in Phoenix was vandalized and protests were held outside of another in north Texas.

Armed and angry, anti-Islam protesters rallied in Richardson, a Dallas suburb, but not without opposition by those in support of Muslims inside.

"I came here because those crazy people over there pose a serious risk of killing people who are in there," said counter-protester Burke Moore.

The protester's organizer, David Wright stated, "Once again we had another protest that ended peacefully. We are not domestic terrorist like what's been said. This is the third protest that has ended peacefully."

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