Penis transplant in U.S.

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BALTIMORE, MD- Doctors at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore will soon perform the 1st penis transplant in U.S. history. The groundbreaking surgery will be performed on a wounded warrior.

According to the Department of Defense, between 2001-2013, 1,367 servicemen have had wounds to their genitals. “If you look at the penis, it’s right next to the legs, so if the legs are blown off the penis could certainly be involved as well” explains Dr. John Mulcahy, a urologist at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center. “The transplant would be actually taking a penis from a recently dead person and putting it on to this person’s penis and having it function in that fashion” says Dr. Mulcahy.

Right now, no date is set. “The problem is getting donors. If you’ve got one worth transplanting, who’s going to give it up” chuckles Mulcahy. So the organ donation will come from a cadaver.

But you should know, a penis transplant is about more than just restoring sexual pleasure. “The psychological ramifications of this, men- especially younger men- they pride themselves on being able to have an erection. It’s part of manhood, basically. Here are fellows whose bodily image is compromised from their loss of a leg, or loss of an arm, and in addition they’ve got this aspect as well, and to restore that is certainly going to be beneficial to their overall total body image and looking at life” explains Dr. Mulcahy.

He goes on to say, "This will be a great advance if this does work well.”

And just another way to help our wounded warriors enjoy a quality life.