Pennsylvania gunman shot and killed inside Walmart

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With less than two weeks until Christmas, criminals still haven't found the time to get into the holiday spirit.

While Walmart shoppers in Eastern Pennsylvania were up late crossing things off of their holiday list a gunman, by the name of Andrew Todd, entered the popular retail chain pointing his gun at customers.

When police arrived at the scene, they asked the suspect to drop his weapon he refused.

In a press conference, State Trooper David Peters stated, "He continued to refuse those commands, pointing the weapon at those officers. They they fired, striking the individual. After striking him, they took him into custody.".

Once in custody, police sent Todd to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Authorities say he was armed with two handguns, and a machete.

"It was chaos. We were standing there by the garden center and people started screaming." ,  "I mean, it happened so fast you really don't know. You know? You don't know what's gonna happen." Chris Torino -Walmart Shopper.

Fortunately, no customers, or officers were injured physically, but mentally it's a situation that some will never forget.

"I won't even come here by myself. I always ask my husband to go with me because I'm so scared. Now there's a shooter, I'll never come here alone, ever." Vanessa Canfield - Walmart Shopper.

An unforgettable crime, but an everlasting reminder that staying cautious should always be at the top of your list.