Sylvester Turner received 93% of the votes in Fort Bend County

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HOUSTON, Texas - Sylvester Turner's long-awaited dream of leading the Bayou City has come true.  But now the Mayor-Elect knows this dream is very time-consuming.

"It's amazing, it's a wonderful feeling", he expressed, "but the pace since Saturday night has been pretty non-stop.  Now I'm in the process of assembling a transition team."

On Monday morning, Turner's campaign headquarters was empty.  No more volunteers making phone calls or staff members rushing from one place to the other.   "The picture is sad, but not as sad as at Bill King's office", one of his aids joked.  Eventually, people started to show up, and the man of the hour came to express his gratitude to those who battled with him.

"I certainly wanna thank every Houstonian", Turner said, "not just those who voted for me, but I wanna thank every Houstonian who participated in the democratic process."

51% of the votes over 49%.  That sounds pretty tight for a Mayoral election.  In two sections of Fort Bend County that belong to the City of Houston, percentages went kind of cuckoo.

"Mr. Turner received a little over 93% of the total ballots cast in Fort Bend County", explained Fort Bend County Election Administrator John Oldham.   No matter who you stopped near W Fuqua st. and Sam Houston Beltway 8, it was easy to guess who they voted for.

"Yes, I did voted for Sylvester Turner", admitted Herman Speed, "because he feels where we come from and he understands what our community needs."

Now the campaign is over and it's time to go back to work.

"I accept… I assume the responsibility of now representing everyone in the City of Houston."

Congratulations Mayor-Elect Turner.  See you at 901 Bagby.  Need driving directions?

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