Adrian Garcia to challenge Gene Green for 29th Congressional District

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HOUSTON, TX - They say politics can sometimes ruin a friendship.  Well, here's another long-time relationship that is gonna take a blow.  Former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia has announced his intention to challenge Gene Green for the 29th Congressional District.

"A lot of people within the 29th Congressional District urged me to continue to pursue public service on their behalf," expressed Garcia.

Congressman Green has represented the district since its creation in 1992.  The area covers most of East, Southeast and parts of North Houston and has a strong Hispanic presence.   Adrian Garcia's move comes two months after he ran an unsuccessful campaign for Mayor of Houston.

"When you look at the conditions and the issues that the people within the 29th Congressional District are facing, I was just compelled to decide that I can offer work and advocacy," Garcia said.

"I'm very disappointed," Congressman Gene Green, D-Houston, responded.  "But I've been fortunate enough over the years to win in a district with a Hispanic majority, and we're gonna run a race this time to win again."

Primaries are set for March 1, 2016.  Both political figures have big guns and deep pockets and you can best believe they'll be playing hard ball.

"Everybody is surprised about the move, without a doubt," admitted Garcia.  "But at the end of the day I am hearing from the community who said thank you for filing, congratulations, I support you."

One thing is for sure, though: somebody is gonna get hit by friendly fire.