Angels among us

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CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mi. - At this time of year, it's extra special when you recognize the angels all around.

In Michigan, Laura Genovich met hers at the airport as she was making a mad dash to fly across the country to her mother`s bedside after word her mother had a heart attack and may not make it.

She and her three-month-old daughter were on board an American Airlines plane ready for takeoff to Florida, but there was a delay. After sitting on the tarmac for more than an hour, the announcement was made that due to mechanical issues, the flight was canceled.

"I just broke down and started crying because  I need to be there, I needed to get there as soon as possible, my dad was alone down there," said Laura.

And then - when she needed it most - Laura met Mary, who turned out to be her airport angel.

Mary told Laura she had been listening to her and praying for her and would help her make another flight to see her mom.

Together the women ran to the gate where a new flight was to leave in 15 minutes. Laura got on the flight and, although her emotional support had been enough, she went a step further. She paid for Laura's ticket.

Laura  made it to see her mother who passed a few days later.

"The bittersweet thing is my mom would have loved this story. She would have loved the story about the kindness of strangers," said Laura.

It`s something to believe in for sure.