Forget Star Wars! Fulfill your space fantasy as an astronaut

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HOUSTON, TX-- Is your 9 to 5 bumming you out? Are you dreaming of a galaxy far, far away? Maybe it's time to send your career outta this world.

NASA is now accepting applicants for their astronaut program. Get the job, and you could be planning a trip to an asteroid or even Mars two years from now.

What's it gonna take to get you there? Well, to start with you need a bachelor's degree in engineering, biology, physical science, computer science or math. An advanced degree will put you higher on the list. Then you need at least three years of related work experience or 1000 hours flight time as a jet pilot.

And of course, you have to pass the long-duration astronaut physical which includes long, long periods in small, small spaces to get your space station-ready.

And Trump will be thrilled with this one: you have to be a U.S. citizen.

So leave that long morning commute behind and head to work via two new commercial spacecraft being built now, or even NASA's Orion deep-space vehicle. Next stop Mars!

It might also include time on the International Space Station. The ISS welcomed its first British guest Tuesday as red-headed "gingernaut" Tim Peake arrived for his six-month tour. With Russia threatening to pull out of that project in 2024 to start their own deep space base, that could mean a whole new ballgame.

The application deadline is February 18, so don't dawdle. Your space fantasies may be fulfilled this week at the movies, but your space reality could be right around the corner.