Man busted in sex sting after riding bike through city dressed in French maid’s outfit and dog collar

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WINTER HAVEN, FL – Former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was a guy who liked to dress up in women’s clothes, or so the stories say.

The son of a former FBI bigwig says Hoover in drag looked almost like Lucy co-star Vivian Vance.

No word on whether Hoover liked a French maid look, though.

But for one old dude in Polk County, FL, dressing like a French maid helps him to bring the action.

Sheriff Grady Judd says one guy rode his bicycle across town, dressed in his French maid outfit and dog collar, to meet with a prostitute who would allow him to serve her in the strictest manner.

Officers busted Marsh and 32 other johns in a five-day prostitution sting to rescue victims of human trafficking.

They also nabbed about 55 hookers, women like one woman they say left her two-year-old kid in the car with her boyfriend.

When detectives pretended to be prostitutes, they caught one guy busted last year in a similar sting.

The fake hookers also turned their trick on a local high school math teacher.

The joint operation between the Polk county sheriff’s office and Lakeland police resulted in 95 arrests, including three people the sheriff believes were victims of human trafficking, sex slaves in the 21st century.